About Us

Our team of imagination-seekers have a variety of backgrounds, but one thing we all share is a desire to inspire creativity and ingenuity across the globe. We've seen firsthand the power that our minds are capable of. We use it to visualize desired outcomes and find creative solutions to ordinary ideas. These moments of inspiration were the driving force behind creating this online community, and we hope to share our experience with you so you can find success in all that you put your mind to.

CEO - Lucas Nash

Our CEO, Lucas Nash, has a psychology degree from Stanford University. He has heavily researched the power of thought in rehabilitation techniques and worked with athletes across the nation. His thirst for imagination started as a young boy, converting ordinary cardboard boxes into mansions and daydreaming of wild dinosaurs roaming around outside his fortress. He never tamed his inner child and continues to spend his free time imagining fantastical scenarios. He has even converted some of his ideas into short stories that he reads to his children at bedtime. "Spend a moment each day visualizing what you want in life," he says. "Then, watch the setting of your existence change in front of your very eyes."

Creative Director - Leslie Martin

Our creative director, Leslie Martin, has worked with children most of her professional life. Serving as a student counselor for eight years, she used visualization techniques to help her students deal with depression, anger, and anxiety. Now, she continues to focus her efforts on teens, encouraging them to maintain their imagination through to adulthood.

Public Rleations Manager - Lillian Johnson

Our public relations manager, Lillian Johnson, has a Ph.D. from UCLA. She went on to work as a motivational speaker, hoping to ignite the blaze of imagination in all who may have lost the spark. With her techniques, students learn how to overcome hardships with creative problem-solving, how to use the empathetic imagination to move on from trauma, and how to attract success and happiness into their lives by altering their thought habits.